Class Descriptions


  The basis of all dance techniques, ballet teaches placement, posture, balance, strength, discipline, and so much more.


Tap shoes enable the dancer to strike the floor and make sounds. Dancers will learn rhythm, classical, and Broadway tap styles. 

Mommy & Me

     Along with their caregiver, kids aged 16 months to 2 years will learn music, movement, rhythm, and fun! They'll learn to follow a teacher and simple instructions. 


A branch of modern dance, dancers will learn technique and passion along with classic and current music selections.


An extension of ballet technique for the advanced dancer.


*Must be cleared by instructor prior to enrollment.


Ballet/Tap & Ballet/Hip-Hop combined classes

Musical Theatre

Students will pair dancing, singing, and acting with Broadway style music.


Teaches musicality and style, partnered with current hip-hop music and trends. 


 A highly stylized technique based around isolations. Dynamic and exciting, dancers will learn Theatrical and Broadway Jazz.

Beginner Teen

Ages 12 and up with no formal dance training will be able to enjoy learning dance at their own pace while not having to worry about being placed in a younger class.